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We are a family business, and we produce Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Our olives grow in the Strathbogie ranges, two hours drive from Melbourne. We make the olive oil on site, using our own olive press. We look after the oil all the way from our trees to you, our customer.


We grow thirteen varieties of olives, so we are able to produce extra virgin oils with a variety of delicious flavours. Because we are small producers, we are able to take proper care of each day’s individual pressing.


Please enjoy the website, and please order oil if you wish.

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"Your Olive Oil made all our food taste beautiful." This comment from a first-time user sums up why we love producing and selling olive oil. Fresh Olive Oil is increasingly the centrepiece worldwide of healthy diets and beautiful food. 

Uses for Your Olive Oil are endless. Dip bread in it. Drizzle it on salads. Cook with it. Chefs say they use olive oil with everything. Fry tomatoes with it. Grill steak with it. Cook fish with it. Scramble eggs in it. Roast vegetables in it. Make chocolate brownie slice with it. Sip it as an aperitif. Use it for a gift.

Our popular intensely-flavoured Your Olive Oil - a tailored Extra Virgin blend - is fresh and full of flavour. 

Our Single Varietal Extra Virgins tease tastebuds and tickle throats with unique flavours and aromas.

Your Olive Oil is easy to Purchase. Use the Delivery Order, or the Pick-up Order, or the Contact page to order it. Use the Products page to find out more about it. We deliver by post everywhere in Australia. Your Olive Oil is sold direct to customers to ensure freshness.

Your Olive Oil exists for people who like to live well and eat well. Specially selected olives are picked by hand at Our Olive Grove, brought up the hill to our press, made into Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the same day, and filtered for purity. Our commitment is to let consumers enjoy to the full the wonderful natural flavours and aromas of the fresh fruit juice of the olive.

The History of olive oil adds pleasure to using it. Ancient Olympians were crowned with olive wreaths. Peace is symbolized by olive branches. A dove brought Noah an olive leaf to show that life had survived the Flood. Olive Oil is more than a unique Taste Sensation. It influences our Ways of Life

Human beings have had a 10,000 year love affair with olive oil. While aroma and taste define good olive oil, its larger associations give it greater dimension. Accordingly, we can speak of:

. . . t h e   a r o m a t i c   s u b l i m i t y   o f   o l I v e   o i l … 

. . . t h e   g a s t r o n o m i c   u n i v e r s a l i t y   o f   o l i v e   o i l …  

. . . t h e   a n c i e n t   c o n t e m p o r a n e o u s n e s s   o f   o l i v e   o i l ..

. . . t h e   e p i c u r e a n   h o l i n e s s   o f   o l i v e   o i l …

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